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We are passionate about bringing your brand to life - but who knows your brand better than you? We collaborate with you every step of the way to determine key objectives and needs—coming back with ideas to engage your core audience (and if we're doing our job right, we'll usually pitch some ideas that are a little
far out there, too).

Our goal is to create an unforgettable brand experience at your product launch, press preview, brand promotion, or special event. 

In the fast-paced production world, we work off of a 5-phase project cadence that keeps our team on the same page seamlessly as we move through the project lifecycle. Check out the details below!

Phase One: Exploration

Only Blue Skies Ahead!
We usually get the party started with a call to get the overview about your project. We respond a few days later with a proposal that includes an estimate, a timeline and a moodboard or some creative element to kick things off! We start looking for a venue if needed.

Phase Two: Schematic

Start Your Engines!
We revise the budget as needed. We hone in on the details. Hopefully do a couple of experiments and tests in the office. We start laying out floor plans, researching materials, pulling decor and gift selects, producing paint swatches, and sending you the good stuff - graphic designs and 3D renderings. We start engaging with production partners such as printers, fabricators, AV & lighting teams, florists, caterers, and whatever programming elements are needed for the particular project!

Phase Three: Details

The Devil is in the Details
We check in on the budget and refine designs as needed. We engage our fabrication partners and vendors and lock in orders. We review the user experience and spatial flow and make any final adjustments to the overall game plan. We make lots of lists and grids, and we usually start seeing our FedEx driver on our doorstop a little more frequently! 

Phase Four: Production

Go, Go, Go!
Sawdust is flying and all decor and fabrication elements come together. There are usually a couple of late nights and big cups of coffee involved. We load up our toolkits, zip our fanny packs, grab our hot glue guns and prep for game day. We load-in and solve problems on-site. And then, perhaps, not so magically - watch our dreams become reality.

Phase Five: Close Out

Hugs & High-Fives
We share final photos, close out final invoices and have a recap call to discuss wins and key learnings…and hopefully we’ll plan our next date! Then we head home for a little recovery with our loved ones before diving into the next!

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Lacey fell in love with the idea of transporting guests into other worlds during her first job as a production assistant with a museum-design firm. And she's tried to avoid creating anything normal ever since!

After gaining international marketing and branding experience through stints with both Universal Studios’ Creative and Warner Bros., this boss-lady soon found a way to combine her skillsets in Experiential Design. She went on to spend five years as the Design Director for an event agency in LA and NYC, executing events for brands such as Harry Potter, Zappos, DC Comics, New Balance and Chapstick. With an intense passion to be back in the studio and to be “making stuff,” she started Crush Studio in 2016 so that she could build a team focused on the design & production process.

When she isn’t rearranging the office, you can find her practicing Spanish, south of the border, preferably somewhere with salty air and big waves.

Lacey Hoff

founder + Creative Director

Our Crushers


Now Hiring an Art Director / Graphic Designer 
Marketing Associate posting anticipated November 2022

Whether it was fate or lucky timing, Crush was in need of a left-brainer just as Erin was looking to leave the structure of the corporate world. Erin comes from an extensive background in public accounting, corporate finance and operations for a nonprofit. She loves telling stories with numbers and nerds out using those stories to help the team make the best possible decisions. She’s a sucker for organization and processes, and loves creating order out of chaos.

A Colorado native, Erin has spent the majority of her adult life in Michigan, which holds a special place in her heart. She grew up flipping through the pages of her mom’s architecture magazines, so being on Team Crush is a match made in heaven.

When she isn’t on her TI-83, you can find her exploring Northern Michigan with her husband and son, running up and down the sand dunes, swimming in Lake Michigan, or dreaming up design schemes for her next house project.

Erin Dodson


When Alie was a child, her parents made her feel like there wasn’t anything she couldn’t do. This led her to pursue an eclectic path after she graduated with her Fine Arts degree during the height of the 2008 recession. 

From her first post-college job as a social worker to her seven years of freelancing, Alie brings a background in commercial photography, graphic and typography design, people ops, client retention and internet sleuthing. Her love for iridescent items, client communication and a well-designed budget made her a perfect fit for Crush. 

When she isn't trying to figure out the team's Enneagram numbers, Alie’s time is filled by caring for her two young boys, hiking, making life-changing recommendations to her friends and trying new restaurants with her husband.

Alie Bergen


When Audrey discovered she was more excited to design her freshman dorm room than go to environmental science class, she happily switched her major to Interior Design and Event Planning.

Audrey joined Crush fresh out of college in 2019, learning the ins and out of decor sourcing and doing hands-on production work, while she grew her design skills.  Having graduated to the role of Designer, Audrey starts most projects with hand-sketches to flesh out concepts before taking them to the computer and working her 3D rendering magic. 

When this Colorado native isn’t making eye-catching mood boards, you can find her outside in the mountains, practicing her food photography or trying to find another way to be more eco-friendly.

Audrey Alex


Perhaps it’s her Midwest values or just an inner motor that doesn’t know when to quit, Lara makes it her business to tackle each project with no muss or fuss. As a Jill of all trades, she’s worked in LA, NY, KC and now Denver as a film producer, commercial assistant director, event coordinator, creative copywriter, project researcher, website builder, dogwalker… you name it.

She’s managed crews of two and teams of 50 – all while being a card-carrying member of SAG. This lady loves creating a crazy, detailed list and crossing each item off one by one. When Crush needs an extra boost on the team - Lara is our first call to help wrangle the details of complex projects.

When she isn’t organizing her email inbox, you can find Lara rooting for her fav sports teams (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!), watching documentaries, telling fart jokes, working with her hands (gardening, arts/crafts, building stuff) or getting outdoors with her main squeeze.

Hanna Erdahl

Lara Thomas


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Hanna’s parents saw a career in design coming when she took up the role of set dresser and costume stylist when playing house as a child. 
Eventually studying Film Production at University of Colorado Boulder, Hanna continued to explore her love of storytelling on set, working on documentaries, commercials and short films. Hanna excels in the detail work necessary to bring a production to life and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to get the job done. She brings a boost of energy and positivity, not to mention meticulous organizing to any project she’s on. 
When she’s not hosting elaborate theme parties or diving headfirst into an expensive Pinterest hobby, her free time includes social justice advocacy, frequenting comedy shows and dominating the pickleball court.


We love creating meaningful connections for our clients and their guests, but we also acknowledge that special events result in a lot of single-use items. Instead of changing industries, we’d rather help bring change to our industry. This will be a work in progress, but this is where we are starting.

Let’s Build a Circular Economy

Choose Carefully

We choose clients and projects that are aligned with our values. We love service-based companies and sustainably produced packaging and products. 


We will actively engage clients in conversations about the afterlife of their events. Each project will include a sustainability page so clients are aware of what items are being reused and recycled, as well as minimize how many items end up in the landfill. Whenever items are not re-used we love donating to Habitat for Humanity's Restore!

Material Girls

Crush works with fabricators and vendors to implement more sustainable practices and choose renewable resources for our builds. We will also reuse set walls, furniture and decor whenever possible.

Curbing Travel

At Crush, we plan to work with local fabricators to avoid shipping sets across the country. We utilize local set stylists on smaller jobs that don't require us being on site.

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Part of the reason we love this business are the surprises, the hands-on-moments, the nitty-gritty, the improvisations, the on-site problem solving, the inside jokes, and well, sometimes a few pivots (which are sometimes our best work). We share these pics from the road so that you know we don't just make pretty things – we have fun while we do it!

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Behind the Scenes